How would you like to send me my purchased driver’s license? 
Your purchased license will be sent to you by a national or international post office, depending on the country in which you are. We usually use DHL services. The shipment of this document is carried out in the safest manner.

How much is a driving license on this page? 
A driving license in EU Countries on this site costs 650 euros and can go up to 1500 euros depending on the desired categories. The cost of sending your driving license is included in this payment. In addition, the license is purchased in two installments, one half before and another after the ultra-secure delivery of the document.

How long does it take to buy a driver’s license from us? 
From the moment you submit your information, please fill out our form that contains all the elements of your identity that will be required to get the driving license you purchase. Wait 5 to 6 days because your driving license has been sent to your Address in a discreet envelope through our usual freight agency.
Of course, an advance payment must already be made, so that the delivery cards for this license can be easily covered.

Is the information on your data sheet sufficient for the layout of the driving license? 
Yes, the form whose link is below is complete because you can send us your photo, some of your documents and all your other information directly on this site by phone or computer. So make sure that the broadcast is encrypted by end-to-end encryption and therefore your data is quite secure.
Information about purchasing a driving license in EU Countries
You can also contact us using the contact page and we will be pleased to contact you via our email address [email protected] and give you all indications of buying a driving license through our website.
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Should I leave my driving school? 
Of course not. If you are already registered in a driver’s school, you can always follow your driving instruction, especially practical. You do not have to write the written and practical exams. We make it easier for you to get a driver’s license, but you must master the drive.

As regards the anonymity of the buyer, is it retained? 
The service on this site is subject to strict privacy rules, where the buyer’s anonymity is fully protected both manually and by encrypting the data, making the data entered on this site completely unavailable to third parties and pirates.

Should we question the authenticity of your documents? 
Of course not. The driving license you receive is completely legal and stored in the IMT files, so you never have problems with the police or other institutions or individuals, so you will get your license and those who have undergone and succeeded.

Enter your data to get the driver’s license in EU Countries.
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